Why Choose Butterfly Co-op?

• At Butterfly Coop parents are involved in their child’s education.

• Children get more individual attention

• Has affordable tuition.

• Parents are involved as teachers, assistants or helping with other duties within the building.

• We provide a healthy and safe educational environment for children and their parents.

• We Acknowledge that parents are the most important teachers for their children.

• Gives parents the opportunity to cherish those first few years with their children and build a great foundation of respect and cooperation.

• Butterfly Co-Op is a registered parent cooperative school.

Butterfly Coop School Program

Our educational and play-based curriculum encourages compassion, curiosity, and a love of learning. They learn to keep themselves and each other safe, and participate in many other activities that develop social skills, self-reliance and a sense of responsibility.

We believe children should have a wide variety of experiences—group and individual play, indoor and outdoor space, fine and gross motor activities, imaginative play, art, music, and much more.

Our Butterfly Coop child-centered curriculum

• Encourages children’s sense of freedom and enthusiasm for life and learning.
• Provides children with a safe environment that will help to develop and maintain their confidence, competence and self esteem.
• Helps with the development of kindness, compassion and empathetic behavior.
• Helps children children to understand the  meaning and value of peace, open-mindedness, and respect.
• Helps children how to understand and appreciate their own emotions/feelings  and the feelings of others.
• Encourages children to resolve conflicts through communication and collaborative problem-solving in a passive nonviolent, and non-judgmental.
• Develops children’s sense of creativity, curiosity, and imagination.
• Helps children to appreciate diversity in many ways such as in nature, thought, families, and communities.

Helps each individual child to grow and develop at a pace that is most beneficial for him or her.